Thursday, December 6, 2012

Project Mentor: Teresa Chiba

傾乙女 "Yaegaki" by Teresa Chiba

The first mentor I would like to introduce you to is Teresa Chiba. A more appropriate title would be 'mentor and manager', she has organised so much and helped me beyond expectations. I am truly grateful and honoured by her assistance and friendship. I was so excited when Teresa agreed to be part of my project! 

I first came across Teresa's work in the Max Toy exhibition titled 'Beauty & the Kaiju' in 2010. At the time, I wasn't an artwork collector but I loved her piece and purchased it. From there, I continued to followed her work and slowly got to know her personally. We had some common ground to relate, Teresa lived in Australia during her final years of study and she also teaches design students.

Kaiju Tripus by Teresa Chiba

At the beginning of 2012, I traveled to Japan for a family holiday to visit my brother with my parents. I also took a small side trip to Tokyo to meet and greet various people in early stages of my project preparation. The side trip was very last minute but I was excited to organise time to meet Teresa in person. It was a great night and even though it was a casual meet up, I learnt so much about design and illustration in Japan in the short time we were together. Teresa is very knowledgeable and explains things so well!

At the end of May, I was excited to learn Teresa was part of a TV production called 'Collaboration Culture' for BBC World News. Teresa was partnered with British artist David Shrigley. I thought this would be the best way to introduce her work to you all. Please watch!

Teresa Chiba and David Shrigley for Collaboration Culture

Artist Introduction video:
Episode video:

Born in Kanagawa, Japan and undertaking High School and College in Sydney, Australia, Teresa Chiba is a tireless artist who has been working under the studio name of Production_Genmu based in Tokyo, Japan.

She has released her artworks in numerous mediums such as YUKATA (kimono for summer), fashion accessories, graphic designs, packaging designs, art direction and live performance.

Many of Teresa's artworks have been inspired in the motif of KABUKI (Classical Japanese dance-drama). She calls herself a KABUKI-OTOME-ESHI (Kabuki girls illustrator) who express the romance of a girl's inner strength, weakness and determination.
Currently Teresa is also working as a freelance artist and illustrator and teaches digital illustration at the Tokyo Design Academy (Harajuku, Tokyo).
Teresa and I just wrapped up the final schedule for the next two months, it is action packed! If you have any questions, please post in the comments section!

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