Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is a TOVI? pt.2

This following post was written by TOVI

Continued from Part 1



After the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami occurred, I saw that Troy Stith had set up the KAIJU FOR JAPAN fundraiser - which I really wanted to participate in.

Japan holds a very dear place in my heart - it was the place I pretty much became an adult (being a young whelp who led a sheltered life and travelling alone for the first time). I got lost on my first day there because I was distracted by cute toys and turned down too many side streets. Again, nothing attractive about a missy sitting on the kerb sobbing her eyes out in the rain (this was the time before googlemaps)

Also, my dear friend Emiko-chan lives there, so I felt obligated to do something on my part.

So I had the idea of doing a KAIJU GALS! preliminary piece based on our first Kaiju – Barrelmon.

Here are some production pics of LADY BARRELMON for your entertainment. I've never really taken WIP pictures before, so this is a new fun thing for me too. I don't draw nearly fast enough for videos - you'd be sitting there all day if I tried that.

Initial quick sketch - whilst I was studying the difference between small and large bowel obstructions...

Re-do of the original sketch with small changes here and there - and use the feather light touch technique!

Initial work up with COPIC multiliner - using sizes 0.5, 0.1, and 0.05... this is the part where tremors occur

BEWB TIME!!!! this is also the point where I came down with pneumonia.... *coughs up sputum*

Fast-forward 5 weeks recovery period and we start working out what colour to make her -I went for green :o3

Finished the body! now to figure out the hair.... hmmmmzzzz...... *scratches head*

Blue hair using 6 different COPICs..ughh!!! so annoying. each stroke requires the blender tone. Painstaking :oS

Final touch up with DERWENT pencil and trace over COPIC multiliner... and we are done! <3 KAIJU FOR JAPAN <3

I also want to take this opportunity to say that I get awful embarrassed when I draw stuff like this. Contrary to belief, I am not a pervert (don't believe anything Shane says). It's really difficult to be able to draw stuff like this without blushing beet red each time you do it.

That and many of my friends don't really know what I draw - I only show them the PG-rated ones... I have a number of conservative friends and I’d be mortified if they thought I was some closet-pervert-steal-your-panties-type of person…

I guess, that's my secret - and you Kaiju fans out there are the ones to know this side of TOVI.

Anyway, during the last 6 months I became overworked and acutely ill. With my 3rd year medical degree + research project for points in order to apply for SET CardioThoracic Surgery Training + extra brown-nosing to consultants so they can be referees on my CV, I have come to terms that I will have to put my extracurricular activities on hiatus until the next summer holidays or my studies will suffer.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and allowing me to practice my art - something that I haven't been able to do for a long time.

Please keep watch for new projects from Shane/Hints & Spices this year.

And at the end of the year - watch out for my projects! (particularly the KAIJU GALS! sexy project with various Kaiju designers).


Just to note: TOVI is a closet-pervert-steal-your-panties-type of person :P teheheheh

Also, I am the VERY lucky owner of the Lady Barrelmon art work! I am ecstatically happy with it! The tones are just fantastic and its a pervy picture I am proud to hang ;P

There are only a few things left in the KAIJU FOR JAPAN store. Get in fast! It's only on till the 6th of MAY '11

I wish TOVI all the best with her studies and look forward to more artwork from her. Especially more Kaiju work, I think Mark Nagata and myself are slowly converting her!

Fallacious ?

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