Sunday, May 15, 2011

Launch Event

"Owned and operated by Shane Haddy, Hints and Spices is an emerging Adelaide design studio with a main focus on toy design. Please join in on the festivities by celebrating their launch."

I have been in preparation of producing designer toys for some time and will be officially launching my studio 'Hints and Spices' on the 28th of May. At this launch there will be exclusives, original toys, prints, customs, plush, prototypes and more!

The main theme of the show is to educate people in the appreciation of designer toys. Come along, have a drink, have a chat and check out what Hints and Spices is all about!

Facebook event:

Opening night:
28th May
Paper String Plastic
99a Hindley Street,
Adelaide, Australia
exhibition open till the 4th of June

Keep an eye on the blog for more details of what to expect in the show!

For all international/interstate guests: After the launch event, I will be setup an online store. So look forward to original toys and customs from Hints and Spices. Please feel free to ask me any questions

Currently working on a website to clearly display all works but for now check these links:


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