Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Order up!!

Continuing my Lady Maxx Diner line of customs, I have made an Eyezon cheese burger for the 'Kaiju for Japan'. Kaiju for Japan is an online sale event to raise funds for Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims.

Sorry, I haven't taken many WIP pictures but here we go.

After some hesitation, I cut up the poor defenceless mini eyezon. This was a sad moment as I purchased him at the 2010 winter Wonderfest in Japan, where they first debuted. Other than being part of the first release, Wonderfest restored my faith and passion in toy design. This blank had lots of meaning to me, using him would be most fitting for the cause.

Sand, sand, sand!!! This is where most of my time was spent. Carving the cracks, smoothing out, carving deeper, smoothing out more.... all by hand, I really need a Dremel. After everything was ready, it was time to paint with Monster Kolor. I have said it before, but I am always really impressed with MK paints! Its hard to see in the photos but there are many subtle changes in the paint work. I will make a video once its a nice day to capture the colours in the sunlight.

Monster Kolor Paints

Buns (top and bottom)
Over Easy, Fleshless, FireCracker and C-Thru Orange

Yellow and Over Easy

Brown (non MK) and Colour Change Flakes

Thick and juicy layer of clear coat!!!

side by side

Hit up on April 22nd for Eyezon Burger and many other cool customs and originals done by many talented artists and designers. Seeing some of the submissions and knowing the names involved, I highly advise getting your wallets ready to buy some wild pieces for a great cause!

For more information on the event and Troy Stith, the great man behind putting kaiju for japan together, please visit his blog

Pray for Japan


arlo ramz said...

ahhhh it sold out :( can u do another one of these???? me loves.

Shane Haddy said...

Thanks for your loves! I really enjoyed making it and I will be doing more. Send me an email and I will inform you when its in the works.

krakit said...

Ha ha Yes!!
What a fun custom :D

Shane Haddy said...

Thanks Krakit! I had the concept in my mind for some time, it was lots of fun seeing it come to life!