Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project: Leaving Wednesday!

Hello all!!

Well, I'm almost fully packed and ready to start my 3 month adventure in Japan. I am very excited and nervous at the same time!

I will arrive in Tokyo on the 22nd, to which I will have a quick meet with toy friend César Zanardi from Argentina. He is the creator of CERRITO and was in Japan for Design Festa and a joint exhibition with Monster Factory. Sadly I missed the show but look forward to meeting César on Thursday. I really wanted to check out the event but I wasn't able to arrive in Japan sooner. Lucky for me, I was able to check out some cool coverage of the event by Andy from Kaiju Korner:

After handing out with César in Akihabara, I will be taking the shinkansen down to Okayama to stay with my brother for a few days. He has lived in Japan since 2009, so it is always great to catch up with him. We will check out some Bizen-yaki and hang out in some izakaya, generally take it easy before I start working hard. I really like the whole area Chūgoku region, I would say it's my favourite area in Japan.

Then on the 28th I will be moving into my new home in Tokyo! Without jumping too far ahead, I will leave it at that but keep an eye out for posts starting in December as the ball will be rolling!

Thanks for reading :)

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