Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project: Everyday living

All systems check!

Not long now! I am in the last stages of arranging my travels and I thought I would do a post about everyday living. 

Finding accommodation to spend 3 months was interesting, tossing up between a share house and an individual apartment was hard. I did have some offers from friends but I didn't want to be a burden. After weighing up my options in regards to location, size and cost, I decided on a shared house for my stay in Tokyo.

A few friends that have lived in Tokyo recommended Sakura House for long term accommodation, I have stayed in their hotels before and had absolutely no complaints. After looking on their website for some time, I found a nice place that would suit me just fine.

My new home will be in the Arakawa ward of Tokyo. It seems like a really nice area with some greenery and open spaces, far from being a concrete jungle I was worried about living in. They also have a really cool symbol!

Symbol of Arakawa

When I get there, I will do a follow up post on the area and how I am enjoying my new home.

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