Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Websites, and Twitters, and Facebooks!

Hey Team,

I will be doing a full follow up post about the launch night later this week!! For now, I just wanted to tell everyone that I now have a website:


Currently it is just a splash page but I am releasing a full website soon! Jumping into more social media, I have also setup a facebook page, so please become a fan!

Hints and Spices Fanpage

Other than that, I still generally use twitter and twitpic to post quick updates and photos. So don't forget to follow me on twitter too!

There are so many online social mediums and I don't want anyone missing out. To deal with this, I am developing a website that intents to blends everything together, while also making it easy to navigate to a single section. Please keep a lookout!

Oh, my!

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