Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Vinyl Toy!!

I am very excited to announce the first vinyl toy released by Hints and Spices!! Designed by Shane Haddy, with line work by TOVI and sculpted by a very talented Japanese sculptor, Makino-San of TTToys!

line work by TOVI

sculpt by Makino-san

A creature in it's own right, this unnamed chubby beast is derived from developmental concepts of elephant/crocodile combinations. He is currently in the wax stage, ready to be made into iron tooling for Japanese vinyl production. You will be able to see the original sculpt at the launch event on the 28th of May.

Also available at the launch will be a limited edition resin cast run ;) - more details later

size comparison next to a max toy co design - eyezon, another sculpt by Makino-San

current stage - wax cast for iron tooling

What is his name?


Helena said...

He looks like a Jeff to me

jess116 said...

Shane this is so awesome!!!!!!

Metanoia said...

Pachydile :D

Shane Haddy said...

Thanks guys!

Love the name suggestions! Keep em coming :)

Monsterforge said...

I like "Pachydile!" Good one, Metanoia!

Shane Haddy said...

A name that is being used at the moment is Waniphant. Wani is Japanese for crocodile/alligator.