Sunday, October 21, 2012

Update: Unboxed exhibition

Continuing on from my WIP post, I have taken some images to fully reveal of my custom Munny for the Unboxed exhibition. Friday afternoon I went back to Espionage Gallery to take some images and a video to show you all online. The video doesn't do the show justice, if you are in Adelaide, go check it out.
 Dinosaur Man
'Dinosaur man' is the local dinosaur toy store owner, every weekend you can see him in his character dinosaur outfit greeting customers that come to his store.

Above is the main materials I currently use. What isn't in the photo is all the sandpaper and utensils I use. Lots of sanding and hacking in every stage of my builds. I am no expert and I am continuously learning but the best advice I can give is to experiment and find what best works for you.

Sorry for the wobbly camera, this is recorded from my iPhone. I am currently looking into a good camera to buy while in Japan so I can take good photos and videos.

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