Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quick Slice: Mr. Ton

Thumbnail sketch no larger than 25mm, now known as Mr.Ton.

Last night I was playing around in my sketch book and came up with a little character. It is rare that I jump up and develop a character further instantly, normally I leave it, let it simmer and come back with a fresh view. I guess the sketch really spoke to me as I was keen to work on him right away!

Wanting to keep all the line work logical, I jumped into SolidWorks to CAD him up. Originally I was intending to create just the 2D linework for Illustrator but I thought I would have a bit of fun with extruding the body. That is when he truly came to life.

There are some little tweaks I would like to do before finalising but I hope to get a 3D print or lasercut version made soon. As I am leaving in 3 weeks, I may have to leave the development till I come back from Japan.

His name is Skele but it's Mr. Ton to you! 


NoComedy said...

He looks fantastic! I love how he looks like he's in a coffin, and the RIP is a nice touch!

Shane Haddy said...

Cheers! A coffin seemed like the natural choice.

Don't know where I will go with Mr. Ton but I have a feeling I will have lots of fun with him.