Monday, January 24, 2011

Paint Buckets

As an industrial designer, I like to get involved in the whole process of a product design. From initial conceptual drawings, right up to the manufacturing. Part of the process behind toy design is the hand painting so I just had to give it a shot!

I grabbed a whole bunch of paint from Dead Presidents. Their range of Monster Kolor paints are KILLER and I highly recommend them!

Part of the order I got myself the "Bullmark Hawaii" kit, this kit was in conjunction with Max Toy co. It came with set of paint and either a mini Tripus or Eyezon. I got the Tripus kit as I already had a few mini Eyezons.

I started by doing a bit of research into what "Bullmark Hawaii" was all about. To put it simply, they tend to use bright colours on a "flesh" coloured vinyl. There are many colour combinations that were used for the "Hawaii" range but most of them were not in this kit! I wasn't able to find a toy with the same colour combination as all the paints in the kit so I compiled a list of methods and colour application as inspiration. I think it turned out really neat! The only thing I should really add is the eyes.I might get back to it one day but I am happy as it is.

Tripus - Hawaii Bullmark Colours by Shane Haddy

The kit was great and I really hope there will be more to come! Going back onto the colour combos, I would love to see a second Hawaii kit that focuses on another combination of classic colours.

I just wanted to dip my finger into painting but now I am hooked! So I will continue on painting, I will post many more :)

Painting, get into it!!


Anonymous said...

I remember this particular Tripus :) Good job on churning out all these stuff!! :)

Dead Presidents Designs said...

Nice Read Shane. Monster Kolor #! :)

Shane Haddy said...

After using MK, it writes for itself!