Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Design intent!

Back in uni, the catch phrase for a mistake was "design intent". The joke being, "its not a mistake, it was intended to be like that in the first place."

I might always look at the bright side of things but through mistakes you can almost always discover greatness! Sometimes I go over old sketches to discover totally new designs! Old sketches are great inspiration!

So, why am I talking about mistakes? Well, I wasn't having much luck with sculpting. I wasn't able to achieve the forms I was after. I think it takes away some of the soul but I started to develop Kaiju designs in CAD, this way I can play around with shapes and forms and quickly edit them in a medium I am comfortable in.

Now, where this is where the mistake comes into it! I had a chance to get it 3D printed for free. So I had the file setup and when it was done I had one major problem, I set the scale wrong! A mico kaiju came out!

Micro 3D printed Kaiju designed by Shane Haddy

Is this a problem? Not at all! Micro Kaiju here we come :P

This was done some time ago, I haven't had direct access to the 3D printer over xmas but I will again soon! Soon it will have hands and legs, ready to crush us all!

I will continue sculpting by hand and will release some of my own sculpts :)

As it was intended to be.


queenzelda said...

Nice blog H&S.

Shane Haddy said...

Thanks queenzelda! You can also follow me on twitter @hintsandspices I will have a website soon.

Damon Taylor said...

Hi there, I've just discovered the world of vinyl toys and am about to start making my own from Super Sculpey. How much does it cost to get a figure 3D printed and what are they made from?

Shane Haddy said...

Hello WildWorld, cheers for coming by!

If you are working from sculpey, Look into resin casting, it may be a better option for you at this time. (youtube has lots of good videos)

When it comes to 3D printers, you will require a 3D CAD model to "print" from.

If you do have a 3D CAD model, there are lots of places around that you can send your file to for a free quote. The cost will depend on the type, quality and materials used on their 3D printer. Just google local places :)

For this instance, I was able to get it printed for free. the material used for this printer was ABS. Each printer is unique in how it "prints"

Producing a vinyl toy is another story and depends on the path you want to take, especially in regards to China or Japan as they use two different rotocasting methods.

I hope this helps a little bit, there are lots of paths you can take!

Good luck! Feel free to email pictures of your sculpts :)

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