Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Custom: Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis by Shane Haddy

Aurora Borealis is the theme of this lovely painted Max Toy Co custom set by Shane Haddy.

(from left to right)
- Alien Argus
- Drazoran
- Alien Xam
- Tripus

Each one has been painted with several Monster Kolor paints and pearls. Then finished with a healthy coat of colour change flakes and glossy clear coat.

I used a whole bunch of paints on this one to give the effect I was after; the paints I used in order were:

Gold pearl
Grape Ape
Vivid Purple
Vivid Blue
Red Pearl
Colour Change

Monster Kolor paints are very hard to capture, especially pearls and colour change flakes! So I have taken two sets of photos; one in direct sunlight and one in indirect sunlight.

Direct/Indirect Sunlight Photos

To imagine what they look like in person, you have to imagine it as a blend of the two extremes, constantly flowing between dark and light, depending on how you look at it. I haven't seen the Aurora Borealis in person but I would imagine it to be something like that.

I have also made this video to further simulate what they look like in person:

This custom set is currently available in the Hints and Spices STORE at $190AUD - including international shipping with tracking.

I have had offers for individual pieces but I would hate to spit this set up. So at the moment, it is currently only offered as a set. I will open up the set to individual purchase this time next week (22nd June) but hopefully all these pieces will stay together, it just feels natural.

Localised entirely within your kitchen?

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