Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bits of Beast - Eyes

Teaser #01 - Eye - sketch by TOVI

This is a teaser for the upcoming finger puppet toy. Rather than just showing teaser snippets, I would like talk about my thoughts on Kaiju design and my reasoning behind each teaser.

This bits of beast is about the kaiju eye. What do you need in the eye of the kaiju? Is it a tigers eye? Something comical? Fearful? Or a reptilian, like Godzilla.

In my case, I tend to just draw with no plan. Yet, when I look back, there is always something that has inspired me. Looking back on design of the finger puppet eyes, I can tell they are based off of the creepiest eyes in nature; horses eyes! They are glassy, soulless, black voids that pull you in, and not in a dreamy way!

Do horses eyes creep you out? They creep me out! I never really knew why till a few years ago when my mother was telling me a story of my youth.

We used to live next to a horses stable. The story that my mother told me was about how I used my pacifier longer than children should. My mother tried everything to stop me from using it. While I was whining for my pacifier one day, my mother gave up being nice and threw it over the fence saying "The horses have it now"!!! Hahhaha I can't remember this incident but I can only assume its the catalyst of my fear?

So there you go, I designed the eyes based off of my fear of horses eyes. Thanks mum, they make neat Kaiju eyes :P

It's time to ask for my pacifier back!

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